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About Us

Family owned and operated by Jackie and Chip Becker, Drew and Shelby Dunn. Plainview Vineyard started in 1998 with an initial grape vine planting in 1998. Three separate blocks of grapes were planted at Plainview Vineyard. Grapes types include wine, juice and jelly, and seedless table.Plainview Vineyard has seen a variety of weather patterns over the past 20 years. Drought, flood, heat, cold and everything in between. Some of our best vintages include 2006, 2007, and 2011.

Hard mineral rich clay is principal soil type. This gives the fruit a bold flavor not matched from sandy or loamy soil.

Chip, Jackie, Shelby and Drew work in their vineyard, make, bottle and sell wine. When visiting you can talk to the people who take care of the grape and your needs.